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Feel like the only way to get to the next level in your 1099 biz is to dedicate MORE TIME to working?

If so, YOU haven’t created an engine to scale.

YOU ARE THE ENGINE and it's a recipe for burnout. Let’s fix it...

Get all 4 strategies for Time Creation & Scaling within 29 minutes here...

What’s in store when you get started?

Phase 1:

Setting Up the Core Stack & Nurturing

Using as few tools as possible that help you in several areas of business is a must. With just 4 tools you have a stack that will create your sales engine for prospective clients/teammates AND a professional way to stay connected to your existing clients, teammates and customers outside of social media.

If you have some or all of these already - I’ll help you optimize it so you have the engine you need to achieve that next milestone!

The 4 tools:

  • Canva
  • Domain Register
  • Google Workspace
  • Flodesk

What you get when this phase is done: A tech stack ready for building the next set of sales tools and YOU nurturing your existing lists asap!

Phase 2:

Showing up as your Personal Brand

Someone needs to share your story and how it helps your ideal people on the internet. Own that responsibility by creating your own personal brand page (how-to’s launching May 2024!)

  • Take all the piecemeal info about your story from social and curate the details for your ideal person.
  • Offer several ways to learn more about how you help them
  • Show up like the professional business brand that you are.

What you get when this phase is done: A beautiful and personalized brand page that shares your story with those interested in learning how you can help them.

Phase 3:

Sharing Your Offer the Way Your Ideal Person Wants

Learning more about what you have to offer on-demand is how your ideal clients, customers and business partners wants the info you have so let’s create a system that allows them to get what they need without you needing to sit by your phone all day and night.

  • Share how your story helps them solve their problem and/or achieve a particular result
  • Share HOW you help them
  • Invite to enroll/buy

What you get when this phase is done: A site available 24/7 whenever your potential clients/teammates/customers are intrigued by what you offer.

Abstract Grey Tech Background


Start Creating Time Today!


month to month, cancel anytime

Member Results Overview:

-Built her system in early 2022

-Turned 5-7 hours a day on sales activities into only 2-3 hours

-Used to enroll 2 ppl per month into her opportunity to now averaging 15-25 per month with a high of 40!

-Has over 20k email subscribers

-#1 Overall Team Builder in her Network Marketing Company

What’s the Tech Investment?

When I first built this system on my own in 2018 I did what the .01% of network marketers did and invested in an all-in-one $300/month platform. I quickly realized that this was never going to be duplicable or scalable for my team let alone the majority of those in the 1099 space.

So just as I did in my Corporate Tech Sales Days, I set out to find a set of tech platforms that a 1099 business could invest in without giving up a commission check or more each month. So here it is:



$210 - yr 1

$420 - yr 2+

Need a checkout experience?

+$264/year + Stripe Processing fees

$50 - yr 1

$100 - yr 2+

*Prices noted are estimates based on the average member and are subject to change at anytime with or without notice at the discretion of the platform

Member Results Overview:

-Built her system in late-2024

-Loves building lead magnets to attract her ideal clients

- Loves emailing her clients and prospective clients like a pro

Hi! I’m Michelle! 3 kiddos 6 years old and under call me mom and I’ve been married to my New Year’s Eve 2011 date since 2016.

I went from rural hometown Massachusetts to tech life and network marketing in the San Francisco Bay Area to the Time Creation + Automation Mentor in Sunny South Florida.

I’ve evolved the same 4 sales engine strategies throughout my professional work for over 10 years which were critical elements to:

  • Blow out 3 comp plans
  • Be the top US sales rep for a global accounting software company
  • Design my National Sales Director promotion
  • Land the largest deal the tech company had seen in it’s 10 year history
  • Stay within the top 10% of my network marketing company for over 4 years.
  • Grow my program to over 70 members and counting

My mission is to leverage simple tech tools to help 1099ers scale their business to the next level without working more hours.

Sounds like a dream right? Well it’s not and I love sharing the click-by-click how-to.

See you in Techie Downline - mkay?

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Start Creating Time Today!


month to month, cancel anytime

Member Results Overview:

-Built her system in mid-2023

-Loves having people wanting to learn more about her offers at 1am, 2:30am and 5am while she’s sleeping

- Growing her list by 10-15 people per day by simply asking for their email address

-Earned top team builder recognition at her company’s convention in late 2023

Member Results Overview:

-Built her system in early 2024

-Collected payment from a new coaching client without having to give out her venmo or paypal

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Start Creating Time Today!


month to month, cancel anytime


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